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    Techinical Solutions
    • Quality Checks to assess the nature of defect – Screening.
    • Re-work & Repair of defective items.
    • Chip level services.
    • Cannibalizing, ECN / TCN Process.
    • Re-furbishing.
    • Special Packing for re-export.
    • Disposal of rejected items.

    LCD Overview:
    LCD: Liquid Crystal Display.
    Display: An electronic device that represents information in visual form.
    LCD Panel: An LCD, or Liquid Crystal Display is a commonly used electronic display found in a variety of electronic devices, including cell phones, laptop computers, computer monitors, LCD TVs, calculators and digital watches.

    The Panel is sandwiched on one side by various front surface films that enhance the display properties and on the other side by a source of light known as backlight, in between which is where the liquid crystal itself is located.

    The orientation of the liquid crystal can be changed in subtle ways by applying a voltage to the electrodes which are patterned on each pane of glass encompass the liquid crystal in order change the level of illumination displayed in each sub pixel of the display.
    TFT LCD Panel: Thin Film Transistor, a type of LCD flat-panel display screen, in which each pixel is controlled by from one to four transistors. TFT screens are sometimes called Active-Matrix LCDs.

    Liquid Crystal Property and Operation:
    Liquid Crystal has same characteristics as liquid and solid but not mix of them. Certain types of liquid crystals are particularly useful in electronic displays because of their particular physical, optical and electrical properties.

    The liquid crystal's physical properties will cause it to align itself to an alignment film on the inside of each piece of panel glass. Because the alignment film on the one side of the panel is not oriented in the same direction as the film on the other side, the liquid crystal is forced to twist through the display panel to match the orientation of the films on both sides.

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